To produce and erect precast concrete elements using our engineering Innovation and creativity to solve the most complex structural challenges at a competitive cost and with the quality of a factory made products.

About Us

Prainsa Saudi Arabia is a company established in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia that specializes in the design and production of pre-cast concrete . The company expertise and technical capacity can cover all areas of the construction market from the claddings or bearing walls, ware houses with spans up to 50 m made out of concrete. Till the very specialized bridges market where Prainsa can offer unique solution combining the structural behavior with a very good architectural design.


PRAINSA SAUDI ARABIA (PRE-CAST CONCRETE) FACTORY lies in 120,000 Sq m land. The area of the covered factory alone is 20,000 Sq m. The stockpiling yard including sand blasting and repair area is 20,000 sm. Attached to the factory site locations is the PRAINSA Batching Plant with concrete batching capacity of 120 cm / hour.

PRAINSA SAUDI ARABIA has employed highly qualified and competent managers, engineers and staff involved in the sales, marketing, production and erection of concrete pre-cast elements. In additions PRAINSA has employed experienced supervisors, foremen and skilled workers specializing in the productions of concrete pre-cast elements following the quality control systems manned and monitored by PRAINSA QA/QC Department.  

About Us
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